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My top 10 tips for a healthy digestion and to beat the bloat

A healthy digestion is a crucial part of maintaining our overall health. More than being what we eat, we are what we digest and…
Water with Lemon

How I start my day everyday – Warm water with lemon

When life gives you lemons…make water with lemon and drink it first thing in the morning for vibrant health and…

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How to start a daily meditation practice at home

(Versão em português em baixo) I was always extremely passionate about spiritualty! I wanted to understand the real meaning of life…

How a burn accident turned out being my biggest self-love lesson

(Versão em português em baixo) I am about to share something I've never shared online... Probably because I´ve never been ready…

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Become a Health Coach

The secret ingredient to find your dream career

(Versão em português em baixo) I am extremely passionate about helping people find their purpose because I believe that each…

My top 5 tips for the perfect evening routine

The more routines we can establish, the most efficiently all our body works. Mornings and evenings are sacred times that…

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Glowing Skin

My top 5 natural beauty secrets for glowing skin

When I started following a more natural lifestyle not only I felt healthier and full of energy, but my skin,…

My favorite coconut oil beauty uses as a bride-to-be

If you are a natural beauty lover, like I am, probably you heard about the benefits of using coconut oil…

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All about my new spiritual adventure in India

I am so excited to share this new adventure with all of you!!! I am going to India in…3 days!!!…

My healthy week in Bali – Where to stay, eat and practice yoga

Bali is a paradise for wellness lovers, yogis and healthy foodies like me and, I believe, like you too! :)…

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Power Protein Smoothie

(Versão em português em baixo) This smoothie makes a delicious breakfast for when you need extra energy or an afternoon…

Valentine’s day raw maca choco brownies

Happy love day my lovelies!!! To celebrate Valentine´s day I created this recipe for you to share with your loved ones!…