All the details about my magical wedding – Part I

It really was the most magical day of my entire life! I was so happy that I couldn’t hold all the emotions I was feeling inside my heart. There really aren’t words to describe this day, it was pure love!

I received so many beautiful messages on social media from all of you and lots of questions about all the details that I decided to write a full blog post about it, which I hope can inspire many brides-to-be organizing their dream wedding! So here it is…

How we met

Daniel and I meet each other 14 years ago. We were best friends in our teenager years, our connection happened instantly and it was magical. But the years passed and we both went on our own journeys of adventure and discovery. Nine years after we first meet, the life brought us together again and this time we became truly inseparable. For one year and half we dated long distance and traveled  across the world to meet each other. In April 2013 I left everything behind and joined Daniel in this adventure around the world. Since then we lived together in Singapore, UK and now UAE.

The proposal

When we left London in March 2015, Daniel made me go through the most challenging adventure ever, a 300km walk till Santiago de Compostela for 12 days. This route is a form of retreat for spiritual growth with a deep connection with nature. We had the most difficult days, facing many obstacles as torrential rain, but it ended up being the best experience of our lives! The strong flame of love was there all the way and we never gave up! It made us so strong, we were just one at the end. Daniel proposed once we reached the cathedral, no fancy dinner, no fancy clothes or make up. Just the two of us and God. And I just cried the entire time!!! I really wasn´t expecting at all…

Wedding planning

After coming from Santiago de Compostela, we immediately had to change our lives again, this time we made a big move to Dubai. So we only started organizing the weeding in September 2015 when we went home again in Lisbon, so we had around 8 months to plan everything. We did most of the things online with only two trips back home and we didn´t have a wedding planner. I would lie if I told you it wasn´t stressful at times, but it´s totally possible to do everything by yourself even if you live abroad.


The location

On our first trip back home in September, I had two main missions: chose the location and find my perfect dress! As you can guess we didn´t have a lot of time to visit a lot of places so I made a pre selection and took 3 days to visit them all. And let me tell you, as soon as we arrived at Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel we knew that it had to be there! Not only it was the most beautiful and magical place we had ever seen, with decoration inspired by different ambiances from Morocco, India and the African savannah, but the surroundings were completely breathtaking and all we ever dreamed of. In one minute you are surrounded by green mother nature and in the next minute you are walking in the sand and dunes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. And the best part? Areias do Seixo was built in complete respect and harmony with nature and follows the principles of sustainability. They also produce their own organic and local food! Sounds like a dream, right? For the church weeding, we found the beautiful Igreja Nossa Senhora da Oliveira nearby in a small village surrounded by nature.


The theme

The theme was boho-chic. We really love that hippie vibe and the wedding had to be a representation of our personal styles. The locations couldn´t be more boho-chic with a natural and rustic look and everything was created according with the theme. We even asked our guest to dress accordingly so everyone was really relaxed and in that hippie mood with lots of colors and flowers.


Since we live abroad and have friends all around the world, we decided to make a wedding website instead of having a printed invite. It was all created by us and we absolutely loved it.  The engagement pictures on the website were taken by my lovely and talented friend Joana Barbino. If you want to check the website for inspiratin and read all about our history, check it out here . 

The dress

I really wanted to feel like myself on my wedding day, nothing too princess style, nor crinoline at all! Just that natural and bohemia feel that I absolutely love! So I went to three shops, in the first two shops as soon as I had to wear a crinoline under the dress I knew it wasn´t for me! When I entered the third shop the lady looked at me from head to toe and told me: “I have exactly what you are looking for”! She could immediately understand my personal style and was really like a fairy godmother to me! As soon as I tried it, I knew it was my dress, 100% natural super soft silk and completely fluttering. We made some adjustments to personalize it and create my unique and dream wedding dress. They also made me a beautiful silk veil. I bought everything from Penhalta in Lisbon.


Bridal accessories


I found most of my accessories online. For the bridal preparations I bought a dream robe from Mae´s Sunday and the most beautiful barefoot sandals from Forever Soles, both came all the way from Australia. As for my dream headpiece I found it in a shop in Canada called Olivia the Wolf. I also changed my barefoot sandals so I could wear them with the shoes, and I bought them from an Indian market in Dubai. The shoes I found in Dubai Mall and they were from Schutz, I am really not a high heels girl but I managed to wear them until the dinner, I was barefoot on the first dance and throughout the party, which made me feel much more grounded! And because it was a little bit cold in the evening, I found the perfect blazer in Zara.


Make up & hair

I don´t wear a lot of makeup and I absolutely love a natural look. My makeup was really simple and natural by Sandra Senra. And my hair was made by Vasco Santos, it was completely loose just with that special touch. Just one thing, if you are an extra sensitive person like myself, make sure you ask for water resistant make up!

The flowers

My beautiful bouquet and Daniel´s boutonniere were design by Flow by Marta Ivens Ferraz. My mother also had a small bouquet and both our fathers had boutonniers. She created everything according with our personal style and wedding theme and we absolutely loved it. The main colors were green, white and different tones of pink and lavanda. The main flowers were lavender (my favorite!), wax flower, garden roses, david austin, peonies and St. Teresinha roses. The bouquet ribbet was a piece of my wedding dress sheath. The church flower decoration was made by AnaFlor florista from Torres Vedras and everything was white and green.


Photographers & videographers

We really couldn´t have chosen a best team to save our wedding for the eternity. Our photographers were the talented Cristiana and Rui Vaz Fraco from Love is My Favorite Color and the Vioagraphers were the amazing Carlos Ferreira and their team from Videoart.



Hope you love these details! Click here for part 2 of all the details about my magical wedding.


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