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My own healing journey through self-love and my top self-love tips

Holistic health, nutrition, yoga and meditation are the powerful tools that healed my body and my life, but none of them could have really worked if I was still missing one single thing: SELF-LOVE.

When I was first diagnosed with an auto immune condition and had to take around 15 pills a day, I gained over 10kg, my hair started to fall out, my nails began to break, my body got very weak since I was advised to not exercise, and I couldn’t recognize myself with my puffy face that was twice bigger. I remember telling the worst things about myself in the mirror. I was totally disconnected from my body, mind and soul. It really seems I am talking about someone else, a completely different person, but this was just me 5 years ago.

At that time, I went through a horrible period of daily hating on my body and crazy fad dieting. Until the day I decided that enough was enough and started changing my life with simple daily steps. Here I am sharing the most powerful things I did to heal and fall in love with myself:

I started nourishing my body with the best foods nature has to offer

I still remember when I ended Sunday crying because on Monday morning I had to start a diet that I knew it would fail by Monday evening. All I wanted to eat were colorful fruits or nuts as snacks, but guess what? Fruits are full of sugar and nuts full of fat so I thought all I could eat was low fat yogurt and cheese. I would tell myself: “Inês, once you have your perfect weight you will be worthy of eating fruits and nuts”. After so much suffering and without knowing that I was already giving my first step on my self-love journey, I decided to start nourishing my body with the best foods nature has to offer. I became so passionate about the healing power of nature and slowly started connecting with my body and giving it everything it was asking but in the most natural form (Craving chocolate? Try raw vegan chocolate!). What we choose to put in our body tells a great deal about the respect and love we have for it. And we deserve nothing but the best – natural, whole, real, nourishing foods that make you feel amazing! Sometimes people ask me if I miss any of the foods I used to eat. But how can I miss eating something that makes me feel rubbish when I can eat foods that make me feel alive and full of energy? I really deeply love my temple unconditionally and I choose to nourish it every day! It´s not about deprivation, is about eating the best and most natural forms of food on earth!


I started moving my body the way I love and make me feel amazing

I was always so drawn into yoga and all things holistic. But guess what? “Inês, yoga is for relaxation you need to do exercises that burn calories. Once you have your perfect weight, you will be worthy of going to the yoga class”. I would tell myself these words and then spend hours in the treadmill burning calories. So, the second step on my self-love journey was to start moving my body because I love it not because I hate it, so I started moving it in a loving way and found my true passion for yoga. I also love any type of outdoor exercise like paddle boarding, run, walking and dance! Nowadays I move my body, not because I want it to look a certain way but because I absolutely enjoy it! And moving my body is definitely one of the best parts of my day!

I started talking with myself as I would talk with my best friend

“You are so ugly”, “you are fat”, “you are not enough”, “you can´t do anything”, “you always fail, why do you even try it”. Would you tell this to your best friend? Then why do we spend the day saying these things about ourselves? When I committed to take my self-love journey to the next level I really had to shut down these thoughts inside of my head and replace them with the most loving words. “I love and accept myself”, “I am perfect, just the way I am”, “I am beautiful”, “I can do anything I want”, “I am so worthy”. I started using affirmations every day and anytime I would have caught myself saying something negative about myself I would immediately change it. I still practice this every single day, I talk with myself in the most loving way, as I would talk with all my beautiful soul sisters. My husband always smiles at me when he catches me saying: “I am beautiful and perfect!” 😊

I started taking care of myself every single day

Now if you really want to honor your beautiful body you have to comity with self-care every single day. Self-care is not about being selfish, is about taking care of yourself so you can show up to the world as the best version of yourself. I started committing to daily self-care by eating well, moving my body in a loving way, meditating, sleeping well, doing a massage, doing a natural beauty face mask or simply relaxing. Wherever it is, remember to do something for yourself every single day because you deserve the best in the entire world!

And this was how I created the most magical relationship ever, the one I have with myself. As a final note, I want to tell you that you are so absolutely perfect just the way you are, you are beautiful and so worthy of everything you want in your life! Accept that because when you decide to love yourself, your life will change completely as mine did. Eat well, move your body, treat yourself with love because you deserve nothing but the best, happiest and healthiest life.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-love? Tell me in the comments below. Do you know someone that would benefit from this post? Please share it!

Lots of love,

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  1. Eva Oliveira

    Delicioso! É a única palavra que me vem à cabeça para descrever este post e todo o teu trabalho e dedicação. Este é um daqueles que irei reler sempre que o amor por mim própria estiver nos seus dias maus.
    Obrigada! Por partilhares estas coisas que são tão pessoais e por nos deliciares a todos com um bocadinho de ti todos os dias.


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