My top 5 tips to keep healthy while flying

Healthy living and travelling are two of my favorite things in the world and I know that many people struggle to keep healthy specially when flying. But, believe me, it doesn´t have to be complicated at all! After living in 5 different countries and travelling all around the world, I think I managed to become a pro in healthy travelling. So here are my top 5 tips to keep healthy while flying:

Pack your snacks

This is the most important tip I can give you! Unfortunately, flight food is full of preservatives and additives plus, since the food loses its flavor at high altitudes, airline companies add lots of sugar and salt to their meals. This increases water retention in our body, makes us feel bloated and dehydrates us. So make sure you take your own snacks so you don´t have to feel temped when they serve food. Some of my favorite foods to pack are: nuts and seeds, avocado and gluten free crackers, fruit, raw chocolate, energy balls and raw bars. If it´s a long journey you can even prepare a simple salad with quinoa, kale and other veggies.

Keep hydrated

Make sure you keep hydrated all flight long! The air in an airline cabin is usually much drier than air on Earth, so we can easily suffer from dehydration, specially in long flights. Good hydration will also prevent water retention and dramatically help with any likely jet lag. Remember you won´t be able to carry a water bottle through security, so wait until you are at your last check point to buy water for the flight or carry a glass water bottle to refill at the airport, since most of them have filtered water available. Most airlines don’t offer healthy beverages and only have black tea, so I also make sure I bring my own tea bags with me and gently ask them to provide me with hot water. Peppermint and ginger teas are amazing to aid digestion and chamomile will help you to relax. I also love to bring lemon slices to add to my water to keep my metabolism working and to avoid feeling bloated.

Take your supplements

It takes a few time for your body to adapt to a new environment so it is great to take some supplements that will help your body function at its best. I always travel with green supplements (spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass), they are packed with chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help you stay healthy and full of energy during your trip. Another important supplement to take is probiotics, they will help keeping your gut in good check. It can be difficult to maintain good bacteria in the gut when traveling, so these support and aid digestion and help with bloating. Another supplement that is great to pack is magnesium, besides relaxing the muscles it helps with bloating and constipation, it is also great if you get anxious flying. If you get troubles sleeping take melatonin with you.


Relax and get your sleep in

Make sure you relax and sleep, especially if it is a night flight, to keep your immunity and energy up. Remember to bring your eye mask to enjoy restorative sleep, since darkness support melatonin production. I also can´t travel without my neck pillow and a scarf to feel comfortable and warm. Another thing that really help me to relax are essential oils, I always bring lavender essential oil or a relaxation mixture, to apply on my wrists and my temples. If you really struggle to sleep remember to have your chamomile tea or take with you same melatonin from your health food store. A good book is also a great thing to pack since it will help you to relax!

Move your body

This is important specially if you are travelling for many hours. Try to stand up and walk a little bit every couple of hours to get the blood flowing freely through your body. I also love to do some gentle yoga stretches. Just a few simple moves will give you plenty of benefits, like improving your circulation, revitalize your internal organs and calming your nervous system.

If you follow these tips I promise that you will fell so much better physically and emotionally, and full of energy and vitally to enjoy your trip whether it’s holidays, a business trip, or you are just heading back home.

Do you also have any tips for keeping healthy on a plane? Share them on the comments below!


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