All about my new spiritual adventure in India

I am so excited to share this new adventure with all of you!!! I am going to India in…3 days!!! Since I can remember my dream trip was to go to India. It was actually more than a dream trip it was more like a soul calling that I always had! It was for sure the number one on my “things to do before I die” list.

With only one week before the travel date, I booked my flight and arranged my visa! I will arrive in India on 6th March and stay until the end of the month. I will be living in an ashram in Rishikesh (the worlds’ yoga capital and magnet for all spiritual seekers!) and experience all the routines of an ashram, such as sunrise meditation, yoga, silence, community work and al the spiritual rituals of an ashram.

Since I am always committed to learn more so I can share more knowledge with you all, I will also do a 100 hours training in holistic healing and mind-body medicine according to ayurvedic and the yogic philosophy! So stay tuned for all that I will share with you after this trip!!!

At the ashram I will be eating a freshly cooked Sattvic vegetarian diet that includes ayurvedic herbal tea, porridge with dates and raisins or coconut, fresh fruit, dal, rice and lots of different vegetables that come directly from the organic farm next door. So, I will not only take care of my mind but also my body! 🙂

My spiritual connection with India

I don´t know how to explain (and I am not sure one can explain these things!) but I always felt a strong connection with India. All my life I felt fascinated with Indian culture and their mind body philosophy. Further yoga and meditation always felt so natural to me, as if I had born knowing it already. I really feel that I lived there in another life, whereas actually in an aura reading some time ago a lady confirmed that I had lived there many lives. This is the only way I can explain such a magical connection.

So, being such a special experience for my soul and for both my personal and spiritual growth I was waiting for the divine timing to finally do this trip, perhaps waiting for a special sign from the universe. Inside I knew it had to be on March 2017 for my birthday and as time passed such certainty got bigger and bigger.


A sign from the Universe

I had blocked in my calendar March 2017 for a dream trip to India but I still had no idea about where to go. I just knew I wanted to live in an ashram, learn more about the lifestyle philosophy of this ancient culture and experience a complete self-transformation. And I knew with all my heart, “as soon as I find the place I will know, this is where I have to go!”.

So, with only a few days before travel I started asking the universe for a sign and started messaging everyone I think of. After seeing more than 50 different ashrams, spiritual centers and retreat houses in completely different states of India, as soon as I saw my place I knew: “this is it!”. Then I asked the universe out load for a sign to confirm my decision, which in turn I got immediately. It was one of the most incredible experiences of realizing that I am not alone, we are always being guided and supported. Always!!!

I just really can´t wait to share all about this experience with all of you!!! Until then I will be a bit quiet here to be present and live all this amazing experience. I will try to share a little bit of my journey on my social media platforms, so stay tuned for lots of inspiration on Instagram and Facebook!

Do you have any tips to share with me about India? I would love to hear them!

Lots of love and wish me luck!



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  1. Ana

    Partilha tudo please 🙂

  2. Inês Pimentel

    Olá Carlos, que bom que descobriu o blog e que gostou! 🙂 Fico muito feliz!!

    Pode ver todos os vídeos sobre a Índia aqui:

    Um beijinho

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