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The secret ingredient to find your dream career

I am extremely passionate about helping people find their purpose because I believe that each person has a unique mission and something special to share with the world. Still, I notice that most people stopped dreaming a long time ago and spend most of their lives in jobs they hate. I want to change this, so today I am sharing my personal journey to find my purpose and dream career and the secret ingredient I used and that I now use with all my clients to help them find their dream jobs too.

As you know, I am a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach on a mission to inspire you to become the best version of yourself and live your dream life. I support you on your journey around food & nutrition and also spirituality, exercise, relationships and career because I believe health is holistic and much more than the foods we eat! But this was not what I always did!

When I decided to study holistic nutrition to become a Health Coach in 2014 I was working for the health food industry in London as a Marketing Director of a fast-growing company. By that time, I had 6 years of experience in Marketing and Communication and a promising career! Did I like my job? Yes! But was I completely fulfilled? Absolutely not! Inside of me, I knew I had a bigger purpose in this life! I wanted to make the difference in peoples’ lives and contribute to a better world.

Working in the health food industry and going through the process of naturally healing myself with food and a healthier lifestyle, I knew I had an important message to share to the world! But, transforming this into a career? This was not even in my wildest dreams! But I kept asking the universe for a sign: “Please, tell me universe, how can I find my purpose in life? How can I be of service to the world?” It was then that I found Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). A year-long course specially designed for people who are passionate about health and wellness that would give me the possibility of launching a meaningful new career.

But wait, the story doesn´t end here! How about the FEAR based voice inside my head? It was there all the way:

– Inês, don´t be crazy! You can’t do this!

– How can you waste years of studying and working?

– You are too old to start a new career!

– You are not good enough for this!

– You will never be able to find clients!

– You won´t be able to make money in the end of the month!

– And the list could go on and on…

But still, LOVE kept speaking lauder! My heart was screaming:

– Inês, you have to do this!!!

– You are not here to impress, you are here to bless!!!

– The world needs your unique light!!!

– You have everything you need and the universe will be there to guide and support you…

The secret ingredient is always LOVE! In everything in your life choose LOVE over FEAR and in your career is no different.

Of course, the rest is history… I ended up signing up with IIN to become a Holistic Health Coach and since then I have been able to help, support and inspire thousands of people every day to be the best version of themselves. I also kept doing further trainings (yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, energy healing, etc.) because I am always committed to give you the best advice in health and wellness.

Now is your turn! Let me know beautiful, regarding your career which one of the below is your answer?

LOVE – I work on what I love and gives me pleasure

FEAR – I go to a job I do not like and it does not inspire me, as I am afraid of not finding a better one or not having money in the end of the month

The fear will always be there, but love has to speak lauder always! If you follow your heart the universe will support you and everything will happen exactly how is supposed. Always believe in yourself and believe that you are being guided and supported. And remember that the world needs the unique light that only you have.

Now, if you are still struggling to find your purpose in life, just breathe deeply and write down:

– What are you really passionate about?

– What could you spend hours and hours doing that you even forget to eat?

– What would you do for free if you could?

You have all the answers inside of you. Never be afraid to listen to yourself and make it happen! I believe we are all here with a specific mission and to do what we love! You just need to believe too!

And if you need extra support, get in touch with me here for a career coaching session! I am here to guide you and help you live your dream life because this is what I absolutely LOVE to do!

Also, If you are passionate about holistic nutrition and looking for a new career in health and wellness, check how you too can become a Holistic Health Coach here our get in touch with me here. As a IIN Ambassador I am here to support you and answer any questions that you might have.

Do you also have any tips to find your purpose and your dream job? Share them below! And if you know someone that could really benefit from this article, please share it with them.

Lots of love,










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  1. Vera

    É-me muito difícil responder a estas tuas últimas perguntas. Se calhar ainda não olhei bem para dentro de mim!

    • Inês Pimentel

      Minha querida Vera, é difícil olharmos para nós quando estamos desconectadas sim mas faz esses exercícios e dedica tempo a ti e a perceberes o que te faz feliz. Vais ver que a tua vida vai mudar quando souberes responder com clareza a essas questões!

      Grande beijinho <3

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