All the details about my magical wedding – Part II + My advice for all the brides-to-be

For the first part of the details about my magical wedding, click here.



Our wedding location couldn’t be more beautiful, but they totally exceeded our expectations with the bohemia decorations. We had dinner in a green house in the middle of nature where veggies and spices were growing around the tables.


On top of the tables there was a hanging garden with flowers, magic lights and lots of lace. It really seemed we were in an enchanted garden full of fairies. We also had a relaxing area with puffes and hippie carpets. The menu was written down in a huge chalkboard and the names of the guests were written with charck too with so many flowers and candles around. Everything was really magical! The table names were medicinal plants like Camomile, Jasmine, Eucalyptus or Holy Basil. Our table was Lavender, the flower of the wedding, which has so many medicinal properties.






I had to choose a bridal car to take me and my bridesmaids to the church. And for a boho-chic wedding, what could be better than a light blue Volkswagen Camper Van? It was raining like crazy, the driver missed the exit and the car couldn’t drive over 80km/h, so I ended up being one hour late! But the time I was with my girls on that car singing and laughing was definitely one of my favorite moments of the day!


The food & the cake

One of the reasons we loved Areias do Seixo was that they produce most of their food and they only serve fresh, natural, organic and local food! We were able to meet all dietary requirements of our guests. We had regular menu, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and even halal. All veggies were so fresh and picked right before they were served. Our wedding cake coulnd´t be more boho-chic, it was the most beautiful and delicious naked cake full of organic berries. They made it especially dairy free for us. We froze some of the cake to eat on our first anniversary. 



On the church weeding we had de most beautiful choir from Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, I was part of this choir years ago so it was amazing to have some of my friends singing for us. During the cocktail we had a beautiful Bossa Nova duet and for the party we hired DJ Carlitos who played world music during the dinner and dance music all night long (he only left after 7am!). During the party we also had a few surprises, I sang for Daniel and he and his best mens organized a special dance for me. We entered the dinner tent with “You’ve got the love” by Florence and The Machine and our first dance music was “For you” by Angus and Julie Stone. So many special moments!

Wedding gifts

We had a gift area with the most beautiful succulents as small gifts for our guests and a big wall with our pictures. Then we had table with a polaroid and lots of nice office supplies so each guest could replace our picture for their own and write us a love letter. 

My favorite moment

I absolutely loved the entire wedding, and I wouldn´t change anything! But if I have to choose a moment, it would probably be when I entered the church with my Dad and saw Daniel and all the people I love most in the entire world. I felt that the time stopped and I was being carried by angels. I couldn’t stop smiling and it was super emotional!


Since we spent a few weeks in Portugal celebrating our wedding we could only take a few extra days for a mini honeymoon, which was a complete surprise by my darling. He took me to Zanzibar and it was absolutely all we needed. A beautiful bungalow in front of the beach and pure relaxation for 5 days. We are still planning a bigger honeymoon, perhaps a dream trip to Machu Picchu, but we still don´t know when we will be able to do it. But guess what? Every time we travel together it is just one more honeymoon.

My advice for all the brides-to-be

  1. Enjoy every moment – Your wedding starts as soon as you are engaged, live every detail with happiness and joy. Stress less and have fun!
  2. Be yourself – It´s your wedding, no matter what everyone is doing out there your wedding needs to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. In every decision, listen to what your heart and intuition are saying.
  3. Surround yourself with people who can support you – This is so important! Ask for help and delegate! Your fiancé, parents, bridesmaids are there to support you and to help you in every decision!
  4. Do not stress, especially with what is out of your control – Many people stress about the wheater. The wheater on my day couldn’t have started worst, strong wind and rain all morning, but still I had the most magical day and when the day finally opened up I knew that God was there with me. Always believe that the universe has your back and don´t worry!
  5. Be in the moment – When the day finally arrives you have to be fully present because I am sure this will be the best day of your life! In the morning of my special day I looked into my darling´s eyes and told him: “We will remember this day for the rest of our lives as the best day ever and today we are here to live it with all of our heart and soul. So let’s be present and enjoy every second of it!”

Hot tips:

  • Create an excel document to manage your wedding budget, guest list, suppliers and all your to-do list and respective timings. It is really important to be organized and you will fell much more relaxed if you have everything under control!
  • If you don´t use Pinterest you have to start using it for your wedding! I pinned all my inspirations there and it really helped me and all the team involved! Check mine here.
  • If you want to feel your best on your day, check the natural beauty section on the blog for lots of tips!


Hope you love to know more about my magical wedding! What do you think of our wedding? Do you also have any advice for brides-to-be? Share them below!


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  1. Margarida Mina

    Querida Inês ❤️

    Depois de ter estado a ler todas as tuas maravilhosas partilhas ❤️ gostaria antes de mais agradecer por toda a tua luz e inspiração🌟
    Já estivemos juntas duas vezes, a primeira lembro-me perfeitamente, foi dias antes do teu casamento. Partilhei contigo a minha experiência também de recente noiva e aconselhei-te alguns produtos para o teu grande dia e lua de mel. Existem clientes que nos marcam, e tu foste sem dúvida uma dessas clientes 🙂 ❤️
    Entretanto já estive
    novamente contigo no início deste ano e foi ai que soube que eras professora de Yoga e health coatch 🙂 graças ao workshop que deste com a Joana Limão.
    Com isto tudo não me identifiquei 🙂 sou a Margarida e sou terapeuta na Organii ( loja de cosmética biológica)
    É com muito gosto e gratidão que estou a seguir todas as tuas partilhas …fico muito feliz por ti 🙏 em breve quem sabe puder estar contigo novamente e retribuir toda a gratidão que tenho pela tua partilha com uma das minhas massagens 💆 😉

    Um beijinho doce

    • Inês Pimentel

      Minha querida, que bom ler estas tuas palavras, fico tão feliz que tenhas lido os textos e que te identifiques com eles! <3
      Nunca me esqueço de todos os conselhos maravilhosos que me deste, e que continuas a dar, sempre que visito a Organii. Daqui a 3 dias viajo para Portugal e não vejo a hora de vos visitar novamente! Sem dúvida que vou querer fazer uma massagem pelas tuas mãos mágicas.

      Um grande beijinho e até breve! <3

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